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Cutest. Dragon. Ever. It’s the Legendary ‘Rainbow’ Skaarf!

Cutest. Dragon. Ever. It’s the Legendary ‘Rainbow’ Skaarf!

  • Vainglory
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  • Jun 12, 2018

Run for cover! It’s the Legendary meow-meow flying cat, ‘Rainbow’ Skaarf, coming to drop colorful glowy destruction and shiny poopy goop down on all he surveys. Oh no – there are three of them!


  • Choose from three different kitty models: white, tabby & bengal!
  • Super 8-bit retro game sound effects!
  • Rainbows in fire effects, rainbow-shimmery goop
  • Happy rainbow stars and sparkle effects
  • Bright glowing rainbow tail and new lazy, wavy sprint


Skaarf’s Rainbow Wish

One day, Skaarf the flying cat had an itch on his back that he couldn’t reach. “If only I had brothers,” he meowed, “They would scratch my itchy spot. I know! I’ll make a wish on a rainbow for some brothers!” And so Skaarf flew around the land until he found a place with some rain in it and, not far above, a rainbow. He sat at the tippy top of the rainbow and meowed with all his might, “Hello, rainbow! I wish for brothers to be my friends and scratch my itchy spots.” Then he slid down, down, down the rainbow until his tail turned glowy and rainbow-y. At the bottom were waiting his two new brothers.

“Hi Skaarfs!” he cried with joy.

“Hi Skaarf!” they cried back.

And so Skaarf got his brothers, and the three of them went on many itch-free adventures.

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‘Rainbow’ Skaarf

‘Rainbow Tabby’ Skaarf

‘Rainbow Bengal’ Skaarf